We’re So Glad You’re Here

Beacon Community Fitness is a collaborative community dedicated to getting fit, having fun and making meaningful connections. Founded as CrossFit Beacon in 2012 around a shared passion for creating a CrossFit program in a fun and inclusive environment, our focus has expanded under new ownership since 2019 to reflect our deep commitment to community health and the link between health and fitness. We offer a suite of programs and resources to give you the tools and support to move toward your optimal health and fitness for life.

The Momma Movement

Light the Way Nutrition

CrossFit Beacon

Beacon Community Fitness is the home of CrossFit Beacon (functional fitness that is constantly varied and done at a relatively high intensity), The Momma Movement (support for women to feel strong and connected to their bodies from pre-conception through postpartum), Light the Way Nutrition (individualized nutrition coaching focused on supportive habits to bring your eating habits into alignment with your goals), and a network of carefully selected health and wellness partners. Together, these programs build toward our vision of a healthier and more connected community with a maximum buffer from illness and injury.

There’s no denying the magic that happens when we are surrounded by other people who show up for themselves and each other to do hard things. We feel it in our spirits, but it transforms our bodies as well, and it is that alchemy that is at the heart of the Beacon experience. When you walk through our doors, you are entering a space dedicated to meeting you right where you are with a supportive community of members and coaches moving you forward toward your health and fitness goals.

Together, we are building up a buffer of fitness by taking care of our bodies and minds so that when the inevitable setbacks, injuries, disappointments or loss arrive we can recover well without it becoming a major debilitating event. We are inviting optimal health where blood pressure is managed without medication, blood sugar is stable and your body’s cortisol levels are in a balanced place. When we welcome fitness for life we are rewarded with freedom of independent movement in our bodies, a foundation to push ourselves and take on new challenges, and a buffer to hold us up on bad days.

We operate out of our primary gym at 341 Marginal Way in Portland, with a satellite gym at H20 Fitness Collaborative in Scarborough and virtual and remote programs. We’d love to invite you to come experience Beacon for yourself. We hope you’ll join us for an intro to any of our programs, click here to sign up to connect with a coach