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Kristen Moustrouphis owner of Beacon Community Fitness
Our founder

Kristen Moustrouphis

Beacon Community Fitness is a collaborative community dedicated to getting fit, having fun and making meaningful connections. Founded as CrossFit Beacon in 2012 around a shared passion for creating a CrossFit program in a fun and inclusive environment, our focus has expanded under Kristen’s ownership since 2019 to reflect our deep commitment to community health and the link between health and fitness. Kristen began as a member in 2014. After watching from afar for months while taking yoga classes next door she finally built up the courage to walk through the doors and literally hasn’t left since. As an avid athlete through high school and collage Kristen immediately felt at home in the team environment. She joined Beacon as a full time coach, retiring from a decade long career in secondary education, in 2016 and took over ownership in 2019. As a mom of two young kiddos Kristen has made it her personal mission to create an environment at Beacon that supports members through the natural transitions of life, including motherhood. There’s no denying the magic that happens when we are surrounded by other people who show up for themselves and each other to do hard things. We feel it in our spirits, but it transforms our bodies as well, and it is that alchemy that is at the heart of the Beacon experience. When you walk through our doors, you are entering a space dedicated to meeting you right where you are with a supportive community of members and coaches moving you forward toward your health and fitness goals. Together, we are building up a buffer of fitness by taking care of our bodies and minds so that when the inevitable setbacks, injuries, disappointments or loss arrive we can recover well without it becoming a major debilitating event. We are inviting optimal health where blood pressure is managed without medication, blood sugar is stable and your body’s cortisol levels are in a balanced place. When we welcome fitness for life we are rewarded with freedom of independent movement in our bodies, a foundation to push ourselves and take on new challenges, and a buffer to hold us up on bad days.

Our coaches

Meagan Leach coach at Beacon Community Fitness

Meagan Leach

Group Coach, Momma Movement Coach & Personal Trainer

“Queen of CrossFit” Why I Coach: To help athletes trust that they are capable and strong enough to do whatever they put their mind to… it just takes time and patience.

Certifications: CF L2 Certified BirthFit Coach Registered 200hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher

Tyson Weems coach at Beacon Community Fitness

Tyson Weems

Founding Coach, Group Coach & Personal Trainer

“Light Keeper” Why I Coach: To connect athletes with their bodies and their potential to crush in and out of the gym.

Certifications: CF L2 Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics Kids

Meg Edstrom Jones coach at Beacon Community Fitness

Meg Edstrom Jones

Group Coach

“O.G. MEg” Why I Coach: To see athletes gain confidence and strength, and often transform themselves

Certifications: CF L2 Certified BirthFit Coach

Elizabeth Moustrouphis coach at Beacon Community Fitness

Elizabeth Moustrouphis

Head Nutrition Coach, Group Coach, Director of Youth Programs & Personal Trainer

Why I Coach: I feel like people like me need to see that people like me belong in a gym too. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but when I first came to CrossFit I hadn’t been physically active in years, mostly sedentary, I was a smoker and still finding my way with nutrition. I want to normalize others like me being a part of Beacon. The community I found here was supportive, motivating and met me where I was at and what to be a part of providing that to other people!

Certifications: CF-L2, CF-Kids, Precision Nutrition L-2 Certified Master Coach

Nick Nappi coach at Beacon Community Fitness

Nick Nappi

Group Coach

Why I Coach: To get athletes to increase their intensity, especially by competing with the voices in their heads telling them to slow down.

Certifications: CF L2 CF Olympic Weightlifting

TJ Leach coach at Beacon Community Fitness

TJ Leach

Group Coach

Why I Coach: To share my passion for health and fitness, and to encourage others through coaching classes to pursue their best self!

Certifications: CF-L2

Mel Ferrer coach at Beacon Community Fitness

Mel Ferrer

Group Coach, Momma Coach & Personal Trainer

Why I Coach: I have always aspired to have a career rooted in building relationships. I initially pursued that interest when I worked as an elementary school teacher for twelve years. During that time, working out became an outlet for me, and that outlet quickly turned into a passion for health and wellness. Over the years, I was fortunate to work with some amazing coaches who challenged me to work hard, train smart, get out of my comfort zone, and, most importantly, to have fun while doing it. Those individuals inspired me in so many ways, and I slowly began to realize that I wanted to be able to give that back to others. Flash forward to today, and here I am at 35 embarking on a new career as a coach!

Certifications: CF-L2, Girls Gone Strong Certified, GGS Certified Women’s Coaching Specialist

Liam Harrigan coach at Beacon Community Fitness

Liam Harrigan

Group Coach

Why I Coach: Because I love seeing people achieve goals they never thought they’d reach when they first walked in the gym. Whether those goals be mental or physical.

Certifications: CF-L2

Seth Gaffar

Group Coach & Personal Trainer 

Why I Coach: I came to training and coaching after 5 years of teaching. I love working with kids and helping others, but over the last decade, as My passion for Fitness has grown, I have realized I want to be able to share that passion with others to help them meet their goals.

Certifications: CF-L1, NASM

Heather Sanborn coach at Beacon Community Fitness

Heather Sanborn

Group Coach & Personal Trainer

Why I Coach: I first picked up a barbell when I joined Beacon when I was 39 years old. I never imagined I could get stronger at that age. But I did and 7 years later I keep getting stronger! I coach because I want to share the magic and joy that Beacon brings me with more folks who might be intimidated to walk through our doors or think they might be too old to get started!

Certifications: CF-L2, USA Weightlifting L-1

Candace Luther

Group Coach

Why I Coach: I never thought I would be a teacher of anything until I found CrossFit at Beacon. Watching and helping other people achieve their goals has become my passion and I love getting to nerd out with others about CrossFit and supporting them in achieving their goals!

Certifications: CF-L2, LMT

Evan Wooten

Group Coach

Why I Coach: There is no greater joy than watching someone’s eyes light up when they unlock a new movement pattern, hit a new personal record, or start feeling a different way about themselves that they didn’t think was possible. To be able to help facilitate that change in someone in any way is why I coach.

Certifications: CF-L2

Brie Noyes

Group Coach

Why I Coach:

Certifications: CF-L2

Emma Owings

Group Coach

Why I Coach:  I have been doing CrossFit on and off since I was 14 and every place I’ve lived whether it be college or a new city, CrossFit has allowed me to find people that help me grow and gain confidence. I coach to foster community in a space (the gym and weight lifting) that can initially be so daunting to so many people

Certifications: CF-L1

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