Our goal:

is to support our clients improve their health, achieve their health and fitness goals by developing sustainable habits.

Our nutrition philosophy:

is based on beliefs that what we eat, how we eat and why we eat has an impact on our overall health and fitness. 

To achieve optimal health we recommend the following:

80% of the time you eat nutrient dense minimally processed foods; eat food in a quantity that supports your health goals; and be present and connected to your food, the people you are with as well as your body while eating. 

Our Client journey looks like this:

Try It: 15 minute discovery to make sure our philosophies are aligned

Commit to it: (1st 3 months) First three months of coaching – Get clear on your goals and create a path to achieve them with weekly 30-min coaching sessions.


Refine it: (On-going coaching) At the end of the first 3 months continue to create your path to success with weekly 15-min coaching sessions.  

Live it: Take the tools you’ve learned and the habits you’ve built out into the real world solo! You’ll be invited to stay a member of the closed client group for a life-time! 


15 Minute No Commitment Discovery Call

The first step is to chat with one of out nutrition coaches to learn a little more about us, what we do, and see if we are good fit for what you are looking for to reach your goals.

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching (3 month commitment)

First 3 Months $169/month or $149/month when combined with a CrossFit Beacon unlimited membership

  • One hour initial nutrition consult to get started
  • Action Plan and Goal Setting 
  • Weekly accountability check-in and review with coach (30 Minutes)
  • Email/message accountability check ins as needed
  • Access to your coach 6 days a week
  • Access to our members community group 
  • 50% discount on any virtual workshop

On-going Nutrition Coaching

On-going Nutrition Coaching: $119/month once initial 3 months are completed ($99/month when combined with a CrossFit Beacon membership)

  • On-going action planning, accountability and goal reviews
  • Weekly 15 minute coaching sessions (Bi-Weekly 30 minute check-ins 
  • Email/message accountability check ins as needed
  • Access to your coach 6 days a week
  • Access to our members community group 
  • 50% discount on any virtual workshop

Light The Way Nutrition FAQ

Do I have to be a member at Beacon Community Fitness?

Not at all! Although we serve this community as well, we are open for anyone who is looking to improve their health through coaching!

Do I have to count calories or macros?

You do not have to do anything. We encourage you to track food at certain times depending on what your specific goals are or for learning purposes. At times the clients goals may take us down a path of counting/tracking calories or macros via an app like MyFitnessPal again depending on their specific goals.

Do you provide meal plans?

No we do not. We feel that it is important that you make and control the decisions as this is what will drive your longterm success. We are not always going to be there so you need to learn about the most effective and ineffective foods for you as well as learning portions.

How and when do we check in?

Check-ins are done via phone, zoom, or in person at Beacon

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