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Option 1


Joining this 6 week jumpstart program is a great place to start your journey. There will be weekly topics, a weekly live group meeting and we will start to tackle your goals.

Option 2

1:1 Coaching

Start your journey with a 90 minute Initial Nutrition Consultation. This allows us to ensure we are able to provide the most appropriate level and length of support that is best for each individual.  (programs start at $119)

Option 3


Enhance your journey with a workshop, webinar, or specialty guide. All to explore specific topics within change, mindset, nutrition, fitness and overall health.

1:1 Coaching

You aren’t left finding your way, alone. We are here as your co-creators for strategies to overcome challenges or roadblocks that come up along the way. Together, we will conquer frustrations, create new habits and turn your obstacles into opportunities. While we provide the guidance, education, accountability and objectivity needed, everything we do, is driven by you.


15 Minute No Commitment Call

In this 15 minute phone call you will connect with one of out Nutrition Coaches to explore how our programs can support you in achieving your goals.

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Onboarding Call

1 Hour on boarding call is required prior to starting out monthly nutrition coaching programs. We will review our questionnaire you complete, assess where you are at and what your goals are and first steps.

I'm Ready To Start!

Level 1

15 min check-in weekly for the month, unlimited email access during coaches working hours.- $119


Level 2

30 min check-in weekly for the month, unlimited email access during coaches working hours. – $149


Level 3

If you feel the need for more support, daily accountability, or more time with your coach, we can design a program just for you.  – Custom Price

Light The Way Nutrition FAQ

Do I have to be a member at Beacon Community Fitness?

Not at all! Although we serve this community as well, we are open for anyone who is looking to improve their health through coaching!

Do I have to count calories or macros?

You do not have to do anything. We encourage you to track food at certain times depending on what your specific goals are or for learning purposes. At times the clients goals may take us down a path of counting/tracking calories or macros via an app like MyFitnessPal again depending on their specific goals.

Do you provide meal plans?

No we do not. We feel that it is important that you make and control the decisions as this is what will drive your longterm success. We are not always going to be there so you need to learn about the most effective and ineffective foods for you as well as learning portions.

How and when do we check in?

Check-ins are done via phone, zoom, or in person at Beacon