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Beacon's Home Gym option to keep us all fit and connected!
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Beacon Outside The Box 
Beacon’s Home Gym option to keep us fit and connected when we aren’t able to be at Beacon in person. 


This program is included as part of our unlimited membership and can be used in conjunction with our in person classes or as a stand alone program. Home Gym also serves as our virtual gym in the event that we need or are required to close Beacon temporarily.


No Cost Intro Session

  • A 30min zoom session with a Beacon coach to review common movements, review equipment/space options and answer questions.

Integrated Programming

  • The Beacon Outside the Box programming is in alignment with our in person Workout Of The Day programming. This allows you to move between the two programs while staying safe and keeping your fitness developing!


  • Athletes utilizing Home Gym are able to stay connected to the Beacon community by logging scores on the Beacon leaderboard in WODify and being a part of the Members of Beacon Community Fitness Closed Facebook Group.
  • Members who are exclusively using home gym for an extended period of time (a week or more) are paired with a coach for regular check-ins to check in on your goals, support you through accountability, and check in on movement form or other questions as part of your membership.


  • Our Outside the Box programming is designed to be adapted to work with the equipment you have at home. Based on what you have access to you can choose from the follow options:
    • Creative use of household objects
      • Odd object
      • Stairs or sturdy chair
    • The Basics
      • Single moderate weight dumbbell or kettlebell
      • Jump rope
    • All The Toys
      • Dumbbells (light, moderate & heavy sets)
      • Jump rope
      • Plyo Box
      • Pull Up bar/rig
      • Kettlebell (Moderate load)

Daily Resources

  • Posted in WODify and on our Member’s portal on our website to allow you to do each day’s workout at your own time.
    • White Board Video that includes:
      • Explanation of the WOD flow & stimulus
      • Demo of the movements
      • Sub and scaling options
    • Warm Up Video
    • Movement Specific Warm-up of the day
    • Cool Down/Mobility Guidance

Virtual Classes

  • When Beacon is operating “Inside The Box”:
    • Live Streamed Coach Lead Workouts 3 days a week. Join a coach doing the day’s workout for you to follow along to, live or available all day to follow whenever you’d like to workout.
    • Live Interactive Zoom Coached Workouts. Turn your camera on and get actively coached through the day’s workout. Get feedback on your form, tips, and time to connect with the Beacon community in this virtual version of our standard class format.
      • Weekly live Yoga class on Zoom
      • Weekly live Mobility class on Zoom
  • When Beacon is operating “Outside The Box”:
    • Live Coach Lead workouts 5 days a week at 6am with a Beacon Coach.  Available all day to follow along to!
    • Live Zoom Coached workouts at ALL of our regular scheduled class times, except the 6am class.

On Demand Virtual Classes

  • Unlimited access to our library of on demand workouts, yoga classes and mobility sessions.

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