CrossFit Program

Whether you are brand new to CrossFit or a seasoned CrossFitter looking for a new box to call home, all our new members start with a mixture of Introductory sessions and strategy sessions. From there, you transition into a monthly membership with 90 day goal review sessions.

6-week Start-up Program

$75 to $119/week

Because our approach is centered around tailoring each and every class specifically to you it is important that we get to know you and you get to know where your starting line is. To accomplish this we offer a variety of start-up packages that differ in the level of one-on-one consultation, however they all include:


  • Start-up CrossFit Session(s) – 1:1 training to get to know how you move and teaching or reviewing the foundational movements you’ll use in class prior to attending classes and once you have some classes under your belt.
  • Unlimited CrossFit Membership
  • Nutrition Start-up – One or more sessions with our Nutrition Coach to align your nutrition with your fitness goals.
  • Mindset Start-up – One or more sessions with our Mindset Coach to set your intentions for how you show up to tackle your goals.

Book your No Sweat Intro today so we can map out the Start-up Package that will work best for you!

Unlimited CrossFit Membership


Our membership option for individuals who have completed their introductory sessions to get to work building their fitness buffer in a safe, supportive and fun environment. Each class includes a coach-led warm-up, a strength or skill session followed by a workout programmed to meet each participant at their individual fitness level and finished with a cool-down.

Members choose a primary location that this pass includes access to. Access to an additional location can be added for $39/month.


  • Portland – Each class is capped at 15 people
  • Scarborough – Each class is capped at 6 people

Looking to get more out of your fitness?

Take a look at our add-on programs to dig deeper into your specific goals and take your training to the next level.