Home Gym

Workout with us right from your own home until you feel comfortable to come to the gym in person!

Beacon Outside The Box 

Beacon’s Home Gym option for you to stay fit and connected when you aren’t able to make it to Beacon in person. 


This program is included with our unlimited membership for use in conjunction with our in person classes.  Our members are also able to purchase a monthly Home Gym only membership if unable to attend in person classes by contacting Info@BeaconCommunityFitness.com 


Integrated Programming – The Beacon Outside the Box programming is in alignment with our in person Workout Of The Day programming. This allows you to move between the two programs while staying safe and keeping your workouts effective!


Connection – Athletes utilizing Home Gym are able to stay connected to the Beacon community by logging scores on the Beacon leaderboard in WODify.  Members who are exclusively using home gym for an extended period of time (a week or more) are paired with a coach for regular check ins as part of their unlimited membership or exclusive Home Gym membership.  You are also welcome to check out a dumbbell from Beacon while you are Outside the Box! 


Accessibility –  Based on what you have access to you can choose from the follow options: 

  • Creative use of household objects 
    • Odd object 
    • Stairs or sturdy chair 
  • The Basics 
    • Single moderate weight dumbbell 
    • Jump rope 
  • All The Toys  
    • Dumbbells (light, moderate & heavy sets)
    • Jump rope 
    • Plyo Box
    • Pull Up bar/rig
    • Kettlebell (Moderate load)


Daily Resources

  • White Board Video that includes: 
    • Explanation of the WOD flow & stimulus
    • Demo of the movements 
    • Sub and scaling options 
  • Warm Up Video 
  • Movement Specific Warm-up of the day 
  • Cool Down/Mobility Guidance 

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