Postpartum Fitness

Are you looking to rebuild your core to be dynamic and stable core after having a baby?

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This program is designed to support you in just that!  It will prepare you for the demand of everyday tasks and to return to your sport specific training postpartum.

Series Details: 

  – Four weeks long

  – Classes meet twice a week for one hour

 – Classes are held Mondays and Wednesday from 1 – 2pm

 – Immobile babies are welcome and Beacon staff members or volunteers are available to offer your little one love while you focus on you!

 – Series cost is $199

*Space is limited to 8 per session, reserve your spot early!

2020 Session Start Dates: 

September 14th, & November 2nd

Who is this series for?

Any woman who is at least four weeks postpartum. This program is designed to support women through the immediate postpartum period however, we welcome women at any point in their postpartum journey.

Series Objectives:

• Gain an understanding of the BIRTHFIT core, diaphragmatic breathing, and intra-abdominal pressure.

• Connect with breath again.

• Consciously re-establish functional movement patterns that translate to daily movements.

• Embrace your unique healing journey.

• Nourish your mind, body, and soul with nutrient dense foods, positive thoughts, and supportive environments that lift up you and your choices

• Learn about diastasis rectus abdominis and how to do a DRA self-check.

• Learn the functional progression and transitions.

• Learn and/or re-visit squat points of performance.

• Learn and/or re-visit push-up points of performance.

• Embrace a new lens on strength and conditioning training.

• Gain an understanding of the BIRTHFIT four pillars – fitness, nutrition, mindset, and connection.

• Gain an understanding of the BIRTHFIT postpartum healing timeline.

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