RetiredFit Program (Scarborough)

This program will empower you to feel confident in tackling daily projects and live an active and healthy lifestyle in your retirement.


We use functional fitness for longevity, vitality and independence for seniors 65 and over. The program will focus on movement through our bodies’ natural ranges of motion in ways that mimic our daily tasks like, carrying, lifting, getting up off the floor, sitting and standing and more!

No movement experience is required and all movements are tailored to each individual in the class.

Introductory Program (65+)


  • 4-week session free of charge sponsored by Martin’s Point contact us for information on when the next session begins.
  • Those under 65 are welcome to participate, the cost is $160.

Monthly Membership


  • No experience required but introductory program recommended.
  • Includes two classes per week.
  • Many insurance carriers provide reimbursement for membership, we are happy to support you in navigating the process.
  • Contact us to sign up

Chair Yoga


  • A weekly in-person yoga class every Tuesday and Thursday at 9AM that is free to all seniors 65+ with Martin’s Points generous support
  • Sign-up here 

For the current schedule and to sign up contact us by phone