Prenatal Fitness Program

Momma Consults


An hour long in person one-on-one session that includes:

  • Mindset and Goals setting
  • Breathwork
  • BirthFit Functional Progressions
    • Movements for creating and maintaining a dynamic and stable core through pregnancy
  • Training guide for what to expect and what to look for during each phase of pregnancy or postpartum.
  • Sport specific modifications and adaptations for your sport (CrossFit, Running, Spinning, Yoga, Orange Theory, cycling, Beachbody etc.)
    Identifying movements that cause core instability and create a plan to keep moving

Prenatal Strength & Conditioning Classes

  • For any currently pregnant Mommas (5– 40+) weeks pregnant looking to maintain or build their fitness intentionally. *Prior fitness experience is not required simply a desire to support you and your babies health through intentional movement and breath work.
  • We use intentional breath work in conjunction with functional movements to stabilize the core and build/maintain a dynamic core to move safely and meet the demands of motherhood.


  • 8-week Session – $199 
    • Next Session: Thursdays at 4:30 PM starts is on June 9th

CrossFit Through Pregnancy


For Women who want to continue CrossFiting through their pregnancy and postpartum with the guidance of our expert Momma Coach while remaining at their local box – we’ve got you!

  • Monthly 30-minute in person or virtual 1:1 session with a coach
  • Training guides for each stage of pregnancy
  • Access to our library of movement videos
  • Access to our closed facebook group

(15 minute phone call or come to location in person)