Dan P.

"Judge it for yourself"

Dan P.

Started at Beacon: September 2013
Proudest CrossFit accomplishment: Rope climbs. Proves you are never too old. When I was a high school freshman, the rope climb was part of our P.E. testing. I failed miserably – I think I may have gotten 2 feet off the ground before I let go of the rope. The old school gym teacher took great pleasure embarrassing me by pointing out my failure to all my classmates. Fast forward almost 40 years, and I have climbed the rope to the Beacon rafters! Take thatcha bastard!
Favorite lift: The Bear Complex.
Favorite MetCon: Any partner/team workout. The collegial nature of the challenge and helping each other pull through while suffering side by side make these especially satisfying.
Hoping to improve this year: The muscle-up. Yup. That’s right. I’m coming for you, muscle-up. And I am going to get you, or I will be buried in a kitty-cat onesie. I especially like this challenge because I know to succeed I have to continue to work hard in the gym as well as start working hard in the kitchen (and staying away from all of Maine’s great craft beers).
Biggest surprise since starting at Beacon: That a gym could have such a profound impact on me and my family. I have worked out my entire life, but until CrossFit and Beacon, it was just exercising. CrossFit Beacon (more specifically the coaches and members) offers a dynamic that has been truly life-changing.
Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit: Try It. Judge it for yourself. No one will judge you. CrossFit is often portrayed as a cult of exercise crazies. What I’ve experienced could not be further from that image. Come in and try it for yourself, and you will encounter a balanced and supportive fitness community where you can find your own place. While it may be intimidating at first (because it is a community and not just a gym, at first it is like starting at a new school), you’ll soon experience an incredibly supportive community that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.
Favorite Maine thing: It may sound hokie, but it is the welcoming sign in Kittery that says “Welcome to Maine – the Way Life Should Be”. Every time I come back to Maine, that sign reminds me how blessed I am to live, work, and raise a family here. Maine is obviously a place of great natural assets (the coast, the mountains, four great seasons) but the sign reminds me that Maine’s greatest treasure is its people and the energy, values, and spirit we individually and collectively bring to our community.
Interests beyond working out: Cooking, golfing, and spending time with the family.
Additional thought: When people ask me why I love Beacon Crossfit I tell them it is like recess. Remember when you were a kid in school? You couldn’t wait for recess because it got you out from behind a desk and out playing and running around with your friends. Recess was the best part of the day. That’s what Beacon means to me – I can’t wait to get to the box and I am bummed when work/life commitments prevent me from getting in for the WOD. It is like when recess got rained out!

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