Kevin B.

"My first hero workout"

Kevin B.

Started at Beacon: July 2015
Proudest CrossFit accomplishment: It’s a tie between my first bar muscle-up a couple of weeks ago and now enjoying squats (which I avoided before CF).
Favorite lift: Do pull-ups count? If not, cleans.
Favorite MetCon: Blake. This was my first hero workout at the very beginning of my CF experience. I think Tyson told me to do presses after watching my first failed attempt at a handstand push-up and then cut me off at 30 minutes.
Hoping to improve this year: Thrusters. They’re brutal.
Biggest surprise since starting at Beacon: How friendly and encouraging everybody is. People go out of their way to introduce themselves and push you on, especially when you are new.
Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit: Do it. It’s fun, you get fit, and everybody is friendly. How can you beat that?
Favorite Maine thing: Tough to say. I guess it’s a three-way tie between eating at all the amazing Portland restaurants, hiking at Baxter and Acadia, and sampling all the local microbrews and single origin coffees.
Interests beyond working out: Hiking, camping, fly fishing/fly tying, skiing, espresso drinks, microbrews, good food, carpentry.
Additional thought: I knew I would like CrossFit but never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do. The coaches and members have all been awesome, including by providing advice and motivation (even at 6 AM) to help whip me into shape.

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