Luette S.

"Katahdin is great."

Started at Beacon: January 2015
Proudest CrossFit accomplishment: I’m proud that I showed up at all the first few months after I started – not knowing any of the abbreviations, acronyms, or movements and feeling perpetually confused. I definitely PR’d at showing up, and it got easier.
Favorite lift: Overhead squat, because I can.
Favorite MetCon: I have a short memory for metcons … I think I block them out. I like a good chipper, though.
Hoping to improve this year: Pull-ups. Definitely pull-ups, kipping or otherwise.
Biggest surprise since starting at Beacon: I’m always surprised how crushed and sore I can be after a 7-minute workout. And maybe I shouldn’t be, but I’m surprised how many really lovely, friendly, funny people I’ve met.
Advice for new members or friends who have yet to try CrossFit: It’s not as scary or as irritatingly trendy as you think.
Favorite Maine thing: Vanity plates. AmIright? Also, Katahdin is great.
Interests beyond working out: Hikin’, skiin’, roadtrips, wine and cheese, revolutionary politics, and music (classical and funk).

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