The Momma Movement

An intentional approach to movement through the motherhood transition.

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Pre & Postnatal Fitness Programs

The Momma Movement is built on the belief that women experiencing the transition to motherhood deserve to feel strong and connected to their bodies and need support that looks different than what they’ve previously relied on. We offer non-CrossFit Prenatal and Postpartum fitness classes for moms and moms-to-be to stay connected to their core so they can thrive and move freely without aches, or pains, or peeing their pants! We also offer support for women whose pregnancies have ended in loss.

Core Reconnect

For any postpartum person who has been cleared by their doctor/midwife to return to exercise and wants to return to movement safely and intentionally to prevent or improve core dysfunction symptoms (low back pain, pelvic floor heaviness, urinary leakage). This program is designed to be done prior to returning to your fitness of choice (CrossFit, running, yoga etc). We use intentional breath work in conjunction with mat exercises and functional movements to stabilize the core and build to dynamic movement that mimics the demands of motherhood and fitness. *No fitness experience is required. 4-Week Program - Cost: $199 2 in-person classes per week *A new session begins the first week of every month contact us for days and times.

Small Group Training

Personalized programming with the camaraderie of a group setting. Sessions are held twice a week for 45 minutes and coached by one of our expert momma coaches. Class size is capped at 5 participants. Our small groups are for you if you want to approach fitness safely and intentionally to prevent or improve core dysfunction symptoms (low back pain, pelvic floor heaviness, urinary leakage). This program is designed to be done after completion of our Core Reconnect program for newly postpartum momas. Class include breathwork, core stability work and a mixture of weight training and conditioning tailored to your individual needs in your postpartum return to movement. Cost: $60/week, commitment is 4-weeks at a time. *Contact us for current openings.

Pre/postnatal Strength & Conditioning

For any pregnant or postpartum momma who is looking to maintain or build their fitness intentionally. Prior fitness experience is not required simply a desire to support you and your baby's health through intentional movement and breath work. We use breath work in conjunction with functional movements to stabilize the core and build/maintain a dynamic core to move safely and meet the demands of motherhood. 8-week Session Tuesdays 4 PM @ Portland Thursdays 4PM @ Scarborough

Personal Training

For women who want to work one-on-one with an expert momma coach to focus on their individual goals throughout pregnancy and/or postpartum. Cost: Price varies depending on session length and frequency.

Postpartum Return to Running

This is a collaboration with Centreboard Physiotherapy. An assessment by Dr. Michelle is part of getting started and then class is held once a week and includes a running specific strength and activation exercises, walk/run progressions and a cool down with stretching and mobility all tailor to each individual based on assessment results.

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