Lighting the way through the motherhood transition to intentional movement and connection.

Our pregnancy and postpartum offerings coming to H2O Fitness Collaboration in Scarborough, Maine soon!


Conception to Birth Consult Series

Who it’s for 

Women who want to exercise intentionally through their pregnancies and “prehab” their cores for postpartum recovery. 


What is included

An hour-long one-on-one session that includes: 

  • Mindset and Goals setting 
  • Breathwork
  • BirthFit Functional Progressions 
    • Creating and maintaining a dynamic and stable core
  • Training guide for what to expect and what to look for during each phase of pregnancy 
  • Sport specific modifications and adaptations for your sport (CrossFit, running, yoga, Orange Theory, cycling, Beachbody etc.)   
    • Identifying movements that cause core instability and create a plan to keep moving!


  • Single session $75 
  • Full Series (4 sessions) $250

Crossfit Through Pregnancy Program

Who It’s For

Women who want to continue CrossFitting through their pregnancies with the guidance of our expert Momma Coach while remaining at their local boxes.

What’s Included

  • Monthly 15-min in-person or virtual check-in
  • Training guides for each stage of pregnancy
  • Access to our library of movement videos
  • Access to our closed Facebook group




Prenatal Fitness Classes

Who it’s for:

Women who are 5 – 40+ weeks pregnant looking to intentionally maintain or build fitness. All fitness experience levels welcome, this is NOT a CrossFit program.

What to expect:

An hour long class lead by our professional coaches and tailored to your unique place in the motherhood transition. Each class includes a breath and core-focused warm-up, a strength circuit, a cardio component, and mobility.


Class Schedule

  • Tuesday & Thursday 10:30am @ Beacon Community Fitness
  • Saturday @ 9:30am @ Beacon Community Fitness



$25 Drop-in (link)

$199 10-class pass (link)

$160 monthly unlimited membership (contact us to sign up)


Laying In Program (0 - 6 weeks postpartum)

Who’s It For

Any woman planning an intentional return to movement who wants structure to support their mental and physical wellbeing.


What it is

  • Self paced and virtual via the Kajabi App
  • Daily offerings of either mindset, nutrition or gentle movement
  • Unlimited access to our momma coaches and community in our Facebook *For Women of any fitness background



Free when you purchase our other programs

Core Reconnect Program (6-12 weeks postpartum)

Who’s it’s for

For any postpartum women who has been cleared by their doctor/midwife to return to exercise and wants to return to movement safely and intentionally to prevent or improve core dysfunction symptoms (low back pain, pelvic floor heaviness, urinary leakage)

What to expect

  • Intentional breath work in conjunction with functional movements to stabilize the core and build to dynamic movement that mimics the demands of motherhood and fitness
  • 6 Week Program Weekly offerings of mindset & nutrition Unlimited access to our momma coaches and community in our closed Facebook group

Program Options

  • PORTLAND LOCATION: – 2x Classes per Week at Beacon Community Fitness Tuesday & Tuesday 10:30am @ Beacon Community Fitness Start ANY Tuesday *For Women of any fitness background SIGN UP HERE FOR PORTLAND LOCATION
  • SCARBOROUGH: 6 Week Program starts December 7th from 4:30-5:30pm – 2x Classes per Week at H2O. *For Women of any fitness background SIGN UP HERE FOR H2O LOCATION!



Intention Return To CrossFit (12-40 weeks postpartum)

Who It’s For

Women who want to take the guesswork out of returning to their box and stay connected with trained BirthFit coaches to maximize your intentional return to CrossFit after completing the Core Reconnect Program.

What’s Included

  • A self paced online course accessed via the Kajabi App
  • 17 Modules that each include: A detailed training guide (see example)
  • A video explanation of the guide by one of our Momma Coaches
  • A training intention to focus on throughout the guide
  • Movement progressions to follow each guide
  • Prescribed weights to use rebuilding to your previous 1RM
  • A “Swap list” with video links to movements that are being subbed for.
  • A set of Coaches Notes to share with your local box
  • An assessment to check in on your readiness to progress to the next guide.


*Training women through the motherhood transition is not part of the CrossFit Coaches certification and your health and fitness are too important to be left up to chance! *For Women who are going to be participating in the sport of CrossFit.




*For Women who are going to be participating in the sport of CrossFit


PRICE: $279

Momma Movement Partners

The Momma Movement Partners is a collaboration between our expert Momma Coaches and your box to ensure the health and longevity of your Mommas in their bodies and as your members.  Our “Return to your box” program is designed to guide moms and you as their coaches through the first 9 months postpartum using intentional progressions to continue to support the healing and stabilization of the core/pelvic floor. 


If you are committed to supporting your mommas and want to join our movement, reach out today for more information.