Training Smarter Not Harder

In the world of fitness, there’s a secret formula that can truly level up your game. In order to see maximum results — let’s be honest, who has time to waste these days — we need to approach our training from a place of working smarter, not harder. One way we do that here at Beacon is by intentionally varying the intensity at which we approach our workouts. To do this, you need to master your effort levels with RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion). RPE is the magic key to optimizing your training sessions for maximum results. The scale, ranging from 0 to 10, allows us to gauge and control our effort levels during exercise, ensuring we hit the sweet spot for progress.

Let’s break down these RPE ranges so you can better understand and apply them to your workouts:

🔥 RPE 9 or 10: This is the zone where you’re breathing heavily, pushing your limits, and feeling totally spent after giving it your all.

👊 RPE 7 or 8: You’re breathless but still responsive, ready to take on more challenges.

💨 RPE 5 or 6: Your breathing is under control, you can chat comfortably, and you’re feeling good during the workout.

😌 RPE 0 or 4: Breathing feels easy, and you’re cruising through your session with minimal effort.

To truly build fitness and strength effectively, we need to incorporate varying intensity levels in our workouts, as well as over the course of a week of training. Stress and exertion are essential components that push our bodies to grow stronger. However, we don’t gain fitness by always going all out at 100%. Nor will we gain fitness by always feeling like there’s a ton left in the tank.

Now, don’t get me wrong, race days (RPE 9-10) and recovery days (RPE 0-4) are also very important. However, the magic lies in what we call training days (RPE 5-8) and then balancing them out with the right number of race and recovery days for you (Hint: this isn’t the same for everyone!).

In our CrossFit program, this variation is built into the programming although our professional coaches are also always there to guide members to adjust as needed based on their week of training and goals. 

How can you apply this to your own fitness?

Not sure? 

Here is an example – If you currently go for an hour-long walk 4 days a week and always walk the same route and distance the first step would be to vary your pace to change how you feel at the end of the walk.  

💨 One day a week walk at a pace that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized not tired. 

🔥One day a week walk at a pace that leaves you feeling grateful the walk has ended and you are tired and ready to sit down. 

👊Two days a week walk at a pace that leaves you feeling like you could have walked a bit further but not do the entire walk again. 

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