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  • In exercise it is your stabilizing muscles.

    Started at Beacon: About 1 year ago Proudest CrossFit accomplishment: A big CF moment was when I hit a PR weight for back squat and I was able to do 7 r

    carmen r.
    Carmen R.s success story
  • Judge it for yourself

    Started at Beacon: September 2013 Proudest CrossFit accomplishment: Rope climbs. Proves you are never too old. When I was a high school freshman, the ro

    dan p.
    Dan P.s success story
  • My first hero workout

    Started at Beacon: July 2015 Proudest CrossFit accomplishment: It’s a tie between my first bar muscle-up a couple of weeks ago and now enjoying squats

    kevin b.
    Kevin B.s success story
  • Katahdin is great.

    Started at Beacon: January 2015 Proudest CrossFit accomplishment: I'm proud that I showed up at all the first few months after I started - not k

    luette s.